About Us

About Us
The University College of Health Sciences (UNICOHS) is a relatively young privately owned tertiary institution founded in 2013. Its formation was initially inspired by the quest to find solutions to health problems that have affected our communities through training a cadre of personnel with excellent academic professionalism and moral values. Thus, the formation of the institution was guided by the impetus to initiate and implement decisions that can alleviate human suffering through education.

The UNICOHS became operational in August 2013 with eight students enrolled for the Environmental Health Technology program under the name of “Zambian School of Community Health Sciences and Health Care Assistants”. Being cognizant of the fact that societal problems are dynamic, UNICOHS management is committed to growing the institution into a highly reputable young university. Therefore, the UNICOHS management is ready to tackle societal and global challenges by being alert to the dynamism of knowledge and timely in implementing study programmers that will mitigate the challenges.

UNICOHS is willing to use technology and develop services relevant to the immediate needs of the community by designing various career programs tailored to provide solutions to pertinent prevailing problems in the fields of health, accountancy and general education. In addition to the diploma programs running under the auspices of Rusangu University, the institution is making frantic efforts to introduce new degree programs so as to upgrade into a full-fledged University by the year 2019.

The University College of Health Sciences is a Higher Education Institution offering Tertiary Education in different faculties ranging from Education, Health and short intensive courses.

University College of Health Sciences offers full time and Distance programs a termly basis, we provide conducive boarding facilities for both full-time and distance students

our Main Campus is in Lusaka Zambia, Barlastone Compus plot number 874/21

UNICOHS wishes to upgrade the academic faculties and faculty excellence by putting in place staff development fellowships, enforcing quality control measures, establishing financial stability through consultancies, entrepreneurship initiatives and partnership.